Self portrait with Lomo Lubitel 166 Universal, Ilford HP5.

About me

My name is Delta, I'm an independent musician, visual designer, and photographer in the DC area.

I started taking pictures using my dad's old Nikon SLR camera when I started high school, and since then my interest in analog photography has only grown.

I shoot mostly 35mm film and now, full frame digital. I mostly use a Leica M nowadays, but my old Kiev Contax, Minolta 7000, and Topcon RE are will always have a special place in my heart. The camera underdogs, as I call them, tend to be my favorites. Lomography helped me get into analog, so I still carry a Lomo LC-A everywhere I go.

My biggest inspirations are: Vivian Maier, Nancy Rexroth, Ilse Bing, Björk, Connie Converse, and Walt Whitman.

About this site

Utsurun Desu is Fujifilm's brand for single use cameras in Japan. It roughtly translates to "It Takes Pictures"

On this site, I will share my camera collection, insights into photography, reviews and recommendations, and guides and techniques.

Though I plan to curb collecting and to sell of all of my non-essential gear, I'll document it all on this site first.

I started making static websites in 2014. This one is hosted where my previous sites have stood, and keeping the static web alive feels like a metaphor for something important to me.


It takes pictures.

musings on photography, cameras, and tech